3 ways to market a carpet cleaning business online

Building and marketing a carpet cleaning business can be difficult. Despite the large amount of skill involved in the cleaning process, carpet cleaning just doesn’t really have a ‘flair’ that you can spin in a way that’s attractive to the masses.

Still, there are ways to market your carpet cleaning brand online without spending an awful lot of money or feeling as if your hair is about to fall out at any moment due to stress. Here are 3 ways to spread the message across without looking too intrusive or desperate.

Coupons – learn them and love them.

For a fairly simplistic marketing and advertising method, coupons can yield some impressive results if you use them right – if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t have made it into the current century.

The trick with any coupon-based strategy is figuring out just the right amount of deals. Your strategy will also be relative to your business’ current standing: if you’re a new business, you probably can’t afford to go too heavy on the coupons. You might be willing to work hard, but popping up on the market and immediately shouting “25% off on all services!” will sort of alienate people, even if it seems like the effect should be the opposite. The longer you’ve been in the biz, the looser you can afford to get with your coupon deals.

You can distribute online coupons either through your own website or an independent, coupon-based one – the latter is almost universally a better choice and will get you more customers.

Share the knowledge of your trade.

As you’re no doubt aware, authority sites are what gets traffic – if you’re a business looking to get more clients, you need all the traffic you can get. So how about getting in cahoots with a couple of authority sites that focus on your niche?

The premise is simple: do a ‘guest post’ of sorts on an authority site in which you will showcase your carpet cleaning knowledge and expertise. Make sure that the post doesn’t sound as if you’re desperate to sell your product but instead care more about educating people.

The owner slaps a foreword thanking you and listing your brand, and boom! You now have a lot more recognition. It doesn’t seem difficult, but it probably won’t be a walk in the park: finding the right sites to share your knowledge on might be tricky, not to mention actually convincing the owners to partner up with you. Still, if you can pull it off, you’ll enjoy a massively-boosted online presence.

Use paid-for advertising on review sites.

Sites like Angie’s List and Yelp get much of their cheddar by offering paid-for advertising services to businesses. These can include top-ranking spots in searches, being featured on your competitors’ business pages and much more.

This is the least-creative method of the three, but it’s also a very successful one. After all, there’s a good reason why billions of dollars are poured into standard forms of advertising: they works.

If you’re feeling a lack of customers in recent times, consider making an investment on one of the review sites and watch the results speak for themselves.


Creative ways to market your business in Boca Raton

Often considered one of the best places to live not just in the U.S. but the rest of the world as well, Boca Raton is a true gem. If you’re a resident there, you’re definitely feeling lucky and probably a good bit grateful as well.

But what if you’re a businessman trying to make it big? Boca Raton’s affluence cuts out the work of businesses for them: competition is top-notch, and since it’s not the biggest place out there, one too many slip-ups could result in you becoming blacklisted by the community.

Here are some creative ways to market your Boca Raton business and stand out from the formidable crowd.

Marketing your business in Boca Raton

Sponsor a beach event: Like most of Florida, Boca Raton is known for its stunning beaches that most residents frequent. While on the beach, people are in a laid-back and relaxed state, open to new ideas and experiences – this makes them the ideal recipients for your marketing strategy. To get your brand out there, consider sponsoring a beach event of any kind, from competitive to educational. There’s just one little condition: the people must enjoy it. If they do, they’ll no doubt be thankful for your kind sponsorship and are sure to keep your brand in mind.

Offer promotional items that the community wants: We won’t stray too hard from beaches here, either. Say you’re running a promotion for your business – a booth or anything of the sort. You could round the event up with a draw that will award 5-10 surfboards(innocently emblazoned with your brand, of course) to some lucky visitors. Suddenly, a horde of people will be thrilled to hear about your cleaning or repair-based small business. There are many variations to this idea – as always in marketing, it’s a matter of figuring out what the people want.

City of Boca Raton “Perfect” from BocaTV on Vimeo.

Become involved in the community: We know, we know – nobody wants to work for free. Yet a little pro bono early on can pay dividends later and there’s a good chance you’ll end up glad you listened to the charitable voice in your head. Boca Raton’s residents will support the businesses who support the community – if you are seen offering your services for free to help with a community issue(crisis repair, helping families in need), you’ll become a pillar of said community and people will be much more positively-inclined towards your brand.

Partner up with local businesses and entrepreneurs: No man is an island and building up a business from scratch is tough, especially in a high-trust place like Boca Raton. A partnership with the right local business could propel you to new heights and help you gain recognition – an honest recommendation is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Since you’re probably tired of hearing how you should market yourself by giving freebies, we won’t say you could strike a free-services-in-return-for-promotion deal with a local business – instead, you can focus on explaining the benefits that your partnership would have for their business once you’ve successfully established your brand.

3 Must read marketing books

Marketing can sometimes seem like a forbidden art that nobody is willing to explain in too much detail. Websites will only offer glimpses into the knowledge, conferences will only feature subjects that the speakers picked and not necessarily those that interest you, marketing courses and degrees are expensive and time-consuming… so how about checking out a good marketing book?

We won’t hold it against you if you only now realized that these things exist. Books have fallen out of favor enough as-is, and it doesn’t help that marketers these days are doing most of their work online. For your convenience, here are 3 marketing books that you can’t afford not to read if you’re looking to get ahead of the game.

 Must read marketing books

Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith: Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a product that’s literally solid: one that our customers can hold in their hands and feel their purchase. Instead, many of us earn our daily bread by offering services which Beckwith refers to as ‘invisible’. Not being palpable and all, Beckwith explains how these services are that much harder to sell than plain old items and how you can better reach out to your past, present and future customers to improve your sales. If you aren’t working as a manufacturer(or for one) and are instead aiming to spread your services, this book will examine how customers think and feel, how to connect with them on a personal level and what you should be doing to have them want your service just as much as they want that bottle of Coke.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay: Talk about a rich title, eh? If the previous book doesn’t delve deep enough into how people think, consider Mackay’s Delusions as your next read. In his book, Mackay observes humankind almost from the standpoint of a curious alien that’s trying to learn how this fleshy race functions. Indeed, the book will show you why groups of people do what they do and how you can alter groupthink for your benefit. When you consider that every successful company relies on the support of groups, you’ll quickly understand why this is a must-read if you’re wanting to know more about marketing.

Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout: When this book was released 20 years ago, its authors felt that the market was overcrowded. Well, if it was overcrowded back then, the entrance is now forming a miles-long line. So how can you build up a product or brand from scratch in such an environment? Ries’ and Trout’s insights from two decades ago are, amazingly, still valid today: their book invites you to detach yourself from the nitty-gritty of it all and examine the landscape from a distance. Doing this should help you understand why some companies end up flopping while others succeed: they positioned themselves on the market in different ways. If it doesn’t help you understand this, let’s hope your bookstore accepts returns!

3 Great marketing conferences events to attend in 2016

Most of us could do with a bit of traveling – y’know, taking a break from the daily drudgery and all that. You might be planning a nice trip to a nice place, but have you considered mixing in a bit of work in there as well?

Consider squeezing in a marketing conference or two the next time you find yourself traveling. These happen all over the world year-round, so you should have no problem combining leisure with a chance to learn something. While there, make sure to rub shoulders with as many successful marketers as possible so that their entrepreneurial prowess passes onto you!

If you’re having trouble deciding on your marketing event of choice, here are 3 that will definitely be worth visiting in 2016.

3 Must Attend Marketing Conferences in 2016

Ad Tech in New York and San Francisco: To have a nice trip, you don’t really have to go too far from home. Both New York and San Francisco should serve as a great destination(if you’re not already a resident) while also giving you the opportunity to attend something great. We are talking, of course, about the two yearly Ad Tech events, each taking place in one city. If you can only squeeze in one trip, you’ll have to decide what interests you more: the conferences in San Francisco have a more ‘general’ feel to them, bringing a wide array of business professionals who speak on virtually every aspect of marketing while mesmerizing you with their knowledge. Events in New York are more specific and are centered around in-depth issues regarding marketing, like assessment of digital media trends. Whichever location you choose, you’re bound to have a memorable trip – even better if you can hit them both!

ANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando: Another top-notch marketing conference in our own backyard, Masters of Marketing doesn’t just have an imposing name: it also boasts some of the top entrepreneurs and executives in the world as its attendees. If you can’t learn from marketers working at Audi or Harley-Davidson, let’s face it – you probably aren’t that keen on learning! The topics explored there are varied, but generally focus on present marketing trends and how and why old marketing methods might not be working anymore.

Dmexco in Cologne, Germany: Contrary to what the name might have you believe, Dmexco is held in Cologne, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Cologne is known for its astounding medieval architecture, particularly the churches that are a must-see for every believer. Of course, you won’t be going there to marvel at the sights – your goal is to gain invaluable marketing insights. To help you with this, Cologne is kind enough to host a yearly conference that brings speakers from some of the world’s top digital brands like Google or Twitter. If you have a fondness for hearing those with the know-how share their wisdom, Dmexco is a top destination, but keep in mind that the conference only lasts for 2 days and you could also end up dealing with a language barrier.