3 Great marketing conferences events to attend in 2016

Most of us could do with a bit of traveling – y’know, taking a break from the daily drudgery and all that. You might be planning a nice trip to a nice place, but have you considered mixing in a bit of work in there as well?

Consider squeezing in a marketing conference or two the next time you find yourself traveling. These happen all over the world year-round, so you should have no problem combining leisure with a chance to learn something. While there, make sure to rub shoulders with as many successful marketers as possible so that their entrepreneurial prowess passes onto you!

If you’re having trouble deciding on your marketing event of choice, here are 3 that will definitely be worth visiting in 2016.

3 Must Attend Marketing Conferences in 2016

Ad Tech in New York and San Francisco: To have a nice trip, you don’t really have to go too far from home. Both New York and San Francisco should serve as a great destination(if you’re not already a resident) while also giving you the opportunity to attend something great. We are talking, of course, about the two yearly Ad Tech events, each taking place in one city. If you can only squeeze in one trip, you’ll have to decide what interests you more: the conferences in San Francisco have a more ‘general’ feel to them, bringing a wide array of business professionals who speak on virtually every aspect of marketing while mesmerizing you with their knowledge. Events in New York are more specific and are centered around in-depth issues regarding marketing, like assessment of digital media trends. Whichever location you choose, you’re bound to have a memorable trip – even better if you can hit them both!

ANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando: Another top-notch marketing conference in our own backyard, Masters of Marketing doesn’t just have an imposing name: it also boasts some of the top entrepreneurs and executives in the world as its attendees. If you can’t learn from marketers working at Audi or Harley-Davidson, let’s face it – you probably aren’t that keen on learning! The topics explored there are varied, but generally focus on present marketing trends and how and why old marketing methods might not be working anymore.

Dmexco in Cologne, Germany: Contrary to what the name might have you believe, Dmexco is held in Cologne, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Cologne is known for its astounding medieval architecture, particularly the churches that are a must-see for every believer. Of course, you won’t be going there to marvel at the sights – your goal is to gain invaluable marketing insights. To help you with this, Cologne is kind enough to host a yearly conference that brings speakers from some of the world’s top digital brands like Google or Twitter. If you have a fondness for hearing those with the know-how share their wisdom, Dmexco is a top destination, but keep in mind that the conference only lasts for 2 days and you could also end up dealing with a language barrier.