3 ways to market a carpet cleaning business online

Building and marketing a carpet cleaning business can be difficult. Despite the large amount of skill involved in the cleaning process, carpet cleaning just doesn’t really have a ‘flair’ that you can spin in a way that’s attractive to the masses.

Still, there are ways to market your carpet cleaning brand online without spending an awful lot of money or feeling as if your hair is about to fall out at any moment due to stress. Here are 3 ways to spread the message across without looking too intrusive or desperate.

Coupons – learn them and love them.

For a fairly simplistic marketing and advertising method, coupons can yield some impressive results if you use them right – if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t have made it into the current century.

The trick with any coupon-based strategy is figuring out just the right amount of deals. Your strategy will also be relative to your business’ current standing: if you’re a new business, you probably can’t afford to go too heavy on the coupons. You might be willing to work hard, but popping up on the market and immediately shouting “25% off on all services!” will sort of alienate people, even if it seems like the effect should be the opposite. The longer you’ve been in the biz, the looser you can afford to get with your coupon deals.

You can distribute online coupons either through your own website or an independent, coupon-based one – the latter is almost universally a better choice and will get you more customers.

Share the knowledge of your trade.

As you’re no doubt aware, authority sites are what gets traffic – if you’re a business looking to get more clients, you need all the traffic you can get. So how about getting in cahoots with a couple of authority sites that focus on your niche?

The premise is simple: do a ‘guest post’ of sorts on an authority site in which you will showcase your carpet cleaning knowledge and expertise. Make sure that the post doesn’t sound as if you’re desperate to sell your product but instead care more about educating people.

The owner slaps a foreword thanking you and listing your brand, and boom! You now have a lot more recognition. It doesn’t seem difficult, but it probably won’t be a walk in the park: finding the right sites to share your knowledge on might be tricky, not to mention actually convincing the owners to partner up with you. Still, if you can pull it off, you’ll enjoy a massively-boosted online presence.

Use paid-for advertising on review sites.

Sites like Angie’s List and Yelp get much of their cheddar by offering paid-for advertising services to businesses. These can include top-ranking spots in searches, being featured on your competitors’ business pages and much more.

This is the least-creative method of the three, but it’s also a very successful one. After all, there’s a good reason why billions of dollars are poured into standard forms of advertising: they works.

If you’re feeling a lack of customers in recent times, consider making an investment on one of the review sites and watch the results speak for themselves.